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Welcome to Google Languages with Safe Search Activated.  Search Google with safe search on in multiple languages. Search Results are displayed in your language of choice with results catered to your specific country of origin.

This is not a Google Translator.  Search terms entered must be in your countries' language.

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About Google Languages with SafeSearch

When you select a language of choice, search results are delivered from the Google domain within the same country of origin.  Our first Google search site Safe Search Kids gained large popularity among English users because it provides safe search results regardless of your computer settings.  Safe Search is always locked using any of our websites.

This site is ideal for schools with multiple computers.  As long as searches are conducted by one of our Google language sites, safe search is always activated.  

Make Search Results More Safe:  Contact us to report inappropriate search results.

This site is not directly endorsed by Google but abides by their terms and conditions to provide safe
search results as supplied by Google for your language and country of choice. 
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